TBPS, OPP, MTO respond to serious Dawson Road traffic issues

Thursday, November 25, 2021 - 13:30
Thunder Bay
Date Published: 2021-11-25

Police laid 124 charges, including three relating to stunt driving, during a two-day traffic enforcement blitz on Dawson Road this week.

The Thunder Bay Police Service, OPP Northwest Region, and Ministry of Transportation Ontario conducted a joint project along problem areas on Dawson Road on Monday, Nov. 22, and Tuesday, Nov. 23. Police revealed the results of the enforcement blitz Thursday at a press conference with local media.

• 124 charges laid for offences including: speeding, failing to stop for traffic lights, commercial motor vehicle mechanical and administrative offences, driving while suspended, etc.
• 3 charges of stunt driving (1 incident involving a tractor trailer)
• 500 commercial vehicles inspected
• 20 commercial vehicles taken out of service; 2 commercial vehicle operators taken out of service
• 6 charges for failing to slow down/ proceed with caution for emergency vehicles or tow trucks
• 2 motorists driving without insurance
• 130 mandatory alcohol screening demands (zero found to be impaired)
• 1 driver arrested for suspected impaired driving by drug
• 1 motorist arrested on warrants after being flagged by automated licence plate recognition

In one incident of stunt driving, police observed a vehicle with a passenger riding in a folding chair in the cargo (trunk) area of the vehicle. While the driver was charged for stunt driving, the passenger also received a charge of Failing to Occupy Position with Seatbelt.

The traffic enforcement blitz was a police response to ongoing public complaints and traffic data collected by the Thunder Bay Police Service’s Traffic Unit.

These complaints and data have helped police identify Dawson Road as a serious risk to motorists in the City of Thunder Bay and surrounding area due to extreme speeds, increased commercial traffic and vehicles failing to stop for traffic controls.

While the targeted and coordinated enforcement blitz has concluded, police will continue to monitor the traffic situation and enforce traffic violations along Dawson Road. Police also hope the results of this blitz serve as an important reminder of the hazards that exist on our roadways.

Please drive with extreme caution, sober and free of all distractions.

We thank all motorists who continue to drive safely and according to the rules of the road.


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