Together Building Better

The case for a new police campus in Thunder Bay is clear.

It's time to invest in modernized policing to keep the public and the Thunder Bay Police Service safe, healthy, and protected.

A New Plan for Modernized Policing

Local policing is increasingly demanding and complex. Thunder Bay needs a modern-day response to the policing challenges we face now and in the future.

The Thunder Bay Police Service has developed a progressive plan to modernize policing. It is a forward-thinking approach that promotes improved public safety and wellness, better services to victims, supports employee health and retention, and rebuilds trust through community collaborations.

To transform local policing, a new police campus is essential. The current building at 1200 Balmoral Street cannot be upgraded, renovated, or expanded to provide the must-have police and community resources that are fundamental to success.

Prioritizing Investments in Core Public Services

The proposal for a new police campus is not a want, it’s a need. One that requires immediate investment in the core police infrastructure and services we all rely on.

The members of the Thunder Bay Police Service are working 24/7, 365 days a year, without adequate facilities and resources to keep the public and themselves safe. This cannot continue.

A new police campus would offer a welcoming, inclusive and community service-oriented facility to better serve the public and Thunder Bay Police Service employees.

The Ask

The Thunder Bay Police Service has recieved board approval to seek $56 million in their capital budget from Thunder Bay City Council for the design and construction of a new police campus in Thunder Bay. The proposal is responsible, cost-effective, and accountable to the citizens of Thunder Bay. 

UPGRADING Upgrading for minimal repairs and replacements to meet Ontario Building Code Compliance. $10 MILLION
RENOVATION + ADDITION Renovate and include an addition onto the existing building. $64 MILLION
NEW BUILDING Building project, land acquisition, project management, equipment, and contingencies. $56 MILLION

A new building provides better opportunities for police service innovation, resource efficiencies and savings through co-location or shared services with current and future community partners.

Building for Better Policing

The list of deficiencies, limitations and serious health & safety liabilities at the Balmoral Street facility is long. Effective policing requires the right space, equipment, technologies, and resources. Building for better policing will address the following needs and more:

  • Enhanced security and privacy, and increased prisoner holding cells
  • Ventilated labs for processing illicit and hazardous substances such as fentanyl
  • Adequately soundproof interview rooms
  • A fire and water protected Property and Stores area for the safe storage of evidence and records
  • A Next Generation 911 Hub with capacity for advanced mobile, text and video technology capabilities
  • More space for specialized cybercrime technology
  • Spaces to ensure privacy and respect for victims of crime
  • A Police training centre
  • A use-of-force, firearms and shooting range
  • Collaborative and multifunctional community meeting spaces
  • Indigenous and culturally welcoming facilities
  • Barrier free and Accessibility compliant infrastructure
  • Sufficient washrooms and locker rooms
  • Appropriate and functional workstations for all on-duty sworn and civilian employees

Prioritizing Employee Health & Retention

Learn more about the need for a new police campus from local Thunder Bay Police Service employees.

State of the Building


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