Police Constable

There are two ways of becoming a police officer for the Thunder Bay Police Service.

  1. You are currently a police officer with another police service, you may apply at this link.
  2. You have no experience, you can apply to the Thunder Bay Police Service only after completing applicant testing with Applicant Testing Services

Cadet Program

All candidates for police constable who are not eligible as direct hires (i.e. are not officers with another police service) must apply to be hired as a police cadet. These Cadets work on our Front Desk dealing both directly and over the telephone with members of the general public.

Usually Cadets will work in this position for a period of one to two years. 

In order to apply for Police Cadet a candidate must meet the same requirements as required for police constable including having a valid Certificate of Results.

Cadets are full-time members of our Service and therefore are entitled to all our benefits including enrollment in the pension plan.

If you are a police officer with another service and interested in joining us, please follow the link:

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Click here to apply


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