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The police would like to again remind the public to be cautious when being offered unsolicited goods or services.

The Thunder Bay Police Service continues to receive complaints about aggressive, and possibly fraudulent, sales people offering driveway repairs and resurfacing services. In one of the most recent complaints being investigated, an elderly victim paid $79,000 for driveway resurfacing work.

The individuals offering the services may be using intimidation tactics, and targeting vulnerable citizens, to complete these sales.

Police would like to remind the public that they have the right to close their door or hang up their phone when contacted by unsolicited salespeople. If you believe the service provider may have been legitimate, seek out their contact information independently and make contact on their terms.

Never use contact information provided by a suspected fraudster, and remember that call display can be spoofed.
Please take time to speak to your elderly friends or family members who may be more aggressively targeted by these kinds of scams.

Learn more about ongoing scams and frauds, and how you can protect yourself, by visiting the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre online at:


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