Am I Missing PSA

Would you know what to do if a loved one suddenly appeared to be missing?

The  “Am I Missing?” campaign is a public service announcement created to help the public better understand the process of identifying and reporting a missing person.  A video PSA, and accompanying literature in the form of informative postcards, was released today in an effort to help guide the public through the steps that should be taken before requesting police intervention.

These steps are divided into three simple categories:

1.Try to Find Me: Contact friends or other family members of the missing person. Are there places the missing person typically frequents? Is there a way to check those locations?

2.Assess the risk: Is there reason to believe the missing person could be in danger? If you aren’t certain, it’s best to trust your instinct.

3.Call police: When attempts to locate a missing person have failed, and you believe this person is at risk, call the Thunder Bay Police Service at 807-684-1200 and file a missing person report.

The “Am I Missing?” PSA also encourages people to ask one more serious question about their potential missing loved one: is there any reason to believe they are in immediate danger?  If the answer is yes, then immediate action should be taken --- Call 9-1-1! Risk factors to consider for a missing person include:

  • Has a visible or non-visible disability
  • Elderly or very young
  • Dependent on prescription medications
  • Unfamiliar with the city
  • Wanderer or Alzheimer patient
  • Associated with violent behavior.

The “Am I Missing?” campaign was created through a partnership that includes representatives from: City of Thunder Bay, Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School, Independent First Nations Alliance, Keewaytinook Okimakanak, Matawa Learning Centre, Nishnawbe Aski Nation, Nishnawbe-Aski Police Service, Northern Nishnawbe Education Council, Shibogama First Nations Council, Thunder Bay Police Service, and Windigo First Nations Council. This partnership and campaign is in response to the Seven Youth Inquest Recommendation 91. 

Video PSA

Background: The Am I Missing campaign launched on June 26, 2018. 

The centerpiece of the Am I Missing campaign is a video PSA and accompanying literature. This video and literature intends to guide the public through the steps that should be taken before requesting police intervention. The campaign also attempts to dispel common myths, like the belief that waiting 24-to-48 hours is required prior to reporting a person missing.View 

View or Download the Am I Missing quick reference card here
Learn more about the Best Practices of sharing Missing Person reports on social media here. 


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