What is the Academy

The Academy is a training program specially designed for members of the Zone Watch program.  This training will introduce members to the basics of policing, the criminal code and the duties of Zone Watch members.

The NEW 8  hour program will be offered a few times each year for members to attend before they are approved as members of the Zone Watch program.  This is a great opportunity for the members to be introduced other community minded members of the program and officers involved in the Zone Watch program

After completing the 8 hour training session, participants will graduate from the Academy and be ready to provide input to make our community safer.

We offer special presentations throughout the year to discuss items of interest to members so they have a clearer understanding of the issues impacting our community and the role of the police and other agencies to deal with these issues.

What have we accomplished to date?

Completed 5 citizens academy training sessions:

  • Successfully graduated 120 Zone Watch Members

Hosted special interest nights including:

  • Traffic safety & enforcement
  • Crime Prevention Council
  • Shelter House and Managed Alcohol program
  • Cyber Crime
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Use of Force

We have informed member about community event of interest including:

  • CPTED – Crime Prevention through environmental design training course
  • Why Homelessness Counts community forum
  • Bullying & the Bystander
  • Walk On Thunder Bay Community Forum
  • Victim of Crime Awareness Walk
  • Jane’s Walks
  • Palestine – The European Union Policing Project
  • Much more……

Next Zone Watch Academy  will be scheduled for this fall, a date has yet to be determined. Applications are being accepted now at the TBPS Headquarters at 1200 Balmoral Street. 

Come on down to the Police Station and register today, it only takes a minute and it is FREE!!!  Remember to bring 2 pieces of identification for the Criminal Background Check – one piece must have a photo.