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Paid Duty

Please note: The following rates are in effect as of January 1, 2017


  • Patrol Officer $72.00/hr with 4 hr minimum
  • Sergeant $80.00/hr with 4 hr minimum
  • Staff Sergeant $85.00/hr with 4 hr minimum
  • Civilian $67.00/hr with 4 hr minimum

NOTE: Resources required for duty will be determined by the approving Senior officer or his/her designate


  • Cruiser – Mobile $35.00 per hour per cruiser with 4 hr minimum + HST (required for parades, vehicle escorts, etc.)
  • Cruiser – Stationary $35.00 flat rate + HST (required for police personnel transport only).


  • Short Notice Cancellation Fee - less than 24 hrs notice – Officer(s) originally scheduled will be paid a minimum of 4 hrs at the respective rate of pay as shown above PLUS $100 cancelation fee.
  • Short Notice Booking Fee - less than 48 hrs notice of an event – Officer(s) will be paid a minimum of 4 hrs (or the number of hours requested) at the respective rate of pay as shown above PLUS $100 short notice booking fee.
  • Christmas/NewYear Fees - Rates for Christmas Eve & Day and New Years Eve & Day are 1.5 times stated rates above.
  • Administration Fee:  16% of total duty added to each invoice  

On final approval of the contract, a copy of the contract and an invoice will be forwarded to the requestor’s attention. The invoice is payable in advance of your event/escort.

You can download the contract here. 


Terms of Paid Duty Contract Agreement

  1. Paid duty request must be filed using the Thunder Bay Police Service Paid Duty Contract.
  2. The minimum number of officers / supervisors required for the performance of a paid duty shall be determined by the Police Service in its discretion, based on the nature of the event. This decision is reflected on the invoice.
  3. Subject to paragraph 2 of this Part, the invoiced amount, less any deposit paid, is due and payable in full no less than 48 hours prior to scheduled event date. Payment shall be by cheque only, payable to the Thunder Bay Police Service, forwarded to the attention of the Budget and Finance Co-ordinator, Thunder Bay Police Service, 1200 Balmoral Street, Thunder Bay Ontario, P7B 5Z5. (If client is another City of Thunder Bay department a journal entry can be used for payment and that entry is done by the Budget & Finance Co-ordinator for Thunder Bay Police). Under no circumstances should payment be made directly to attending officers. Failure to meet payment deadline above will result in the cancellation of this paid duty contract agreement and non-attendance of paid duty officers/equipment.
  4. Where Police Service member(s)/equipment is/are required for hours in addition to those specified in Parts B and C, above, an invoice will be issued by the Police Service based on the hourly rates specified in Part C. Payment shall be due upon receipt of the invoice in the form specified above(cheque only).
  5. Paid duty requests should be submitted by way of this contract agreement at least ten(10) days prior to the event. This contract agreement should be directed by fax or hand delivery to the Budget and Finance Co-ordinator (Fax: (807) 346-0775 / Thunder Bay Police Service, 1200 Balmoral Street.
  6. Short notice requests are defined as requests submitted less than 48 hours prior to the event. Short notice requests must be faxed (807-346-0775) or hand delivered to the Budget and Finance Co-ordinator and the Paid duty Co-ordinator must also be contacted via cell phone (807) 630-3294 to work out the contract details. A short notice request will result in the addition of a $100.00 dollar short notice fee.
  7. Where cancellation notification is not received by the Police Service 24 hours prior to the commencement of the event, a minimum 3 hour charge will apply for each Police Service member booked for the paid duty. Refunds will be less the cancellation charge.
  8. Provision of paid duty services in accordance with this Contract is subject to prior approval of a Police Service Command Officer. In the event approval is not granted, the Contract shall become null and void and any monies paid shall be returned (less a short notice fee if applicable).
  9. Police officers providing service under this agreement shall be required to perform only those duties which are normally performed by police officers.
  10. Police officers providing services under this agreement inside a premise where alcohol is being served shall begin the paid duty no less than five (5) hours prior to the termination of the special occasion permit.
  11. A minimum of two officers will be contracted for duties in a premise where alcohol is being served. The fact that paid duty officers are present at a special occasion permit function under the Liquor License Act, does not in itself abrogate the responsibility of the License Holder to provide security for the event under the LLA.
  12. Required staffing ratio shall be:
    • 1 to 4 constables –no supervisor
    • 5 to 9 constables- 1 sergeant
    • 10- 16 constables- 1 sergeant and 1 staff sergeant
  13. Any questions should be directed to the Budget and Finance Co-ordinator at (807) 684-1281.

By checking this box, I acknowledge that I have read, understood and agree to abide by all Terms of this Agreement and that I have the authority to bind the person/agency requesting the paid duty named above.


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