The 2018 Festive RIDE season started with a campaign kick off on Nov. 22. This page contains some of the key data collected from the Thunder Bay Police Service's festive RIDE programs. The table below will be updated every Monday throughout the Festive RIDE season. Right now it features last year's Festive RIDE statistics. 

Reduced Impaired Driving Everywhere was established in 1977. It launched as the Reduced Impaired Driving in Etobicoke program, and its success led to its province-wide adoption. The program operates year-round, but increased efforts take place during the holiday, of festive, season.

Festive RIDE at a glance 

Updated: Tuesday, Dec.. 27 2018

Charge/ Infraction 2017 2018
Provincial Offence Notices (with cautions) 54 20
Three-day suspension 17 6
Impaired operation/ Over 80 15 10
Impaired by Drug 2 2
Refusal 2 0
Suspended Driver 18 7
No Licence 7 1
No Insurance 2 0
Warrant/ other 7 1
Novice/ young Person Suspension 4 2
Other Part 3 Summons 1 1
Standardized Field Sobriety Test 3 3
Disqualified Driver 0 0
Approved Screening Device Demand 66 31
Total Vehicles Processed 2,587 1,758

Festive RIDE in the News (2017) 

Impaired Driving Awareness Campaign

Members of the Thunder Bay Police Service's Zone Watch program have created an Impaired Driving Prevention Awareness Campaign called "Don't Impair Your Future - Be a Sober Driver."

This messaging will be used throughout the year as the Thunder Bay Police Service and its Zone Watch program members continue their efforts to bolster awareness about the profound consequences of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The two videos below were produced by the Thunder Bay Police Service for the Don't Impair Your Future campaign.

The first video shows how police can detect if a motorist is impaired by drug or alcohol or a combination of both without the use of the roadside screening device commonly referred to as the breathalyzer.

The second, aimed at student audience but relevant to all motorists, is a reminder of the how significant a criminal charge of impaired driving can have on someone's life. We hope both videos remind motorists how important it is to be a sober driver at all times.




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