When do I have to report a collision?

The Highway Traffic Act states that all motor vehicle collisions involving injury or death, where there is damage to highway property, and where the combined damage exceeds $1,000.00, must be reported to police. The type of motor vehicle collision you're involved in will determine the appropriate response.

If you are involved in a motor vehicle collision where there are injuries or apparent criminal wrongdoing, a Thunder Bay Police Service officer will be dispatched to the scene to investigate the incident. If necessaary charges will be laid. There are instances, however, when you may be directed to the Collision Reporting Centre.

  • Mishaps that occur on private property

  • Are related to severe weather conditions, or

  • Are historical in nature (i.e. your vehicle has been damaged and you are unaware of how or when the damage occurred) will be directed to the Collision Reporting Centre


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