How much will it cost to get a Criminal Records Search or other services?

Description of Service


Criminal Record Search:


All Purpose/ Education/ Employment

$60 + HST ($67.80)

Volunteers (Unless exempted by Legislation)

$25+ HST ($28.25)





Police Incident summaries (non-motor vehicle collisions)

$42.45 + HST
($47.97 total)

Motor vehicle collisions

$42.45 + HST
($47.97 total)

Motor vehicle collision package (for Ins. Companies, lawyers, involved parties. As per T.B. Police Services policy)

$70.75 + HST

Technical Collision Reports:


Complete Package: This includes curriculum vitae, field notes and field note forms, Rodman notes, diagrams, photos, lamp examination, tire examination, co-efficient of friction drag test, vehicle examination reports, event data recorder and video (if applicable).

$2,000.00 + HST

Technical Collision Investigation Field Notes

$150.00 + HST

Surveyor Scale Diagram

$800.00 + HST

Field Sketch

$50.00 + HST

Large Collision Diagram (Includes measurements)

$500.00 + HST

Video of collision scene

$150.00 + HST

Scene measurements/Surveyor notes/Rodman notes

$150.00 + HST

Event data recorder Information

(for vehicles equipped with a data recorder)

$150.00 + HST

(per vehicle)

CD Photos (If taken at collision scene)

$250.00 + HST

Request to conduct advanced collision analysis or create a reconstruction

$1,000.00 + HST + Callout Rate

Interview reconstruction (not included in full package)

- Lawyers, insurance agents/adjusters can request interviews with investigating officers concerning the collision. This is subject to review by the Superintendent and/or legal counsel.

$500.00 + HST

+ Callout Rate

Mechanical Inspections

- Vehicles involved in collisions are subject to inspections

$Graduated Scale + Callout

Passenger vehicle

$250.00 + HST + Callout Rate

Commercial vehicle (Class D)

$500.00 + HST + Callout Rate

Tractor (Class A vehicle)

$1,000.00 + HST + Callout Rate

Parades and Traffic Escorts:


Parades and Escorts: T.B. Police Services determine equipment and manpower required


for each vehicle plus officer costs

Destruction of Fingerprints and Photographs

$9.43 + HST


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