The ability to have "Proactive Policing" relies on the availability of problem solving time for patrol officers.  Zone Policing's goal is to increase police visibility, provice greater contact between police and the community, create greater geographic ownership, and address neighborhood issues in partnership with the people who live there.

Our new service delivery model of Zone Policing is designed to increase the problem solving time for patrol officers assigned in specific zones and give officers geographic ownership which has always been fundamental to neighborhood policing.  Patrol officers are in the best position to deal with neighborhood-based problems.

In order to ensure officers have the time to dedicate to proactive policing, the TBPS will be focusing on the Core Police Functions as outlined in the Police Service Act.  These functions are:

  1. Prevent Crime
  2. Enforce the Laws
  3. Help Victims
  4. Keep Public Order
  5. Respond to Emergencies

The aim is to provide our frontline officers with more opportunities to actively patrol our streets and to engage with members of the community, including members of Zone Watch.

Police have been regularly dealing with a number of calls from citizens relating to issues and concerns which are not police related.  Call takers and front desk employee will be directing citizens to the organizations and departments in our city that are better equipped to handle their particular complaints.

The Thunder Bay Police Service will be responding to non-priority calls in a more appropriate manner.  Non-priority calls are estimated to account for over 30% of our total call volume.  We have developed an Alternate Response Guideline which determines the appropriate response to deal with various calls for service.

Depending on the type of call or issue, complainants will be advised:

  1. To report online –
  2. If the report may be taken over the phone -  684-1200
  3. If the complainant must come to the police station to file a report  - 1200 Balmoral Street

Alternative Response Guidelines

Six zones make up the jurisdiction of the Thunder Bay Police Service.  Five are located in Thunder Bay while the sixth is the municipality of Oliver Paipoonge.

Thunder Bay Zone Policing Map (jpeg)

Thunder Bay Zone Policing Map (PDF)